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Our 1st Jeep Build

We took a stock Jeep Wrangler provided by National Dodge Chrysler and Jeep and was asked to beef it up.

This was the Result

For a fairly reasonable budget we built a tough looking Wrangler. Skyjacker lighting...winch...aggressive front bumper and  an awesome set of rims and tires.  We have more to come soon. Ask us to personalize your off-road vehicle and we can give you a quote.

Lift Kits Instock Ready to Go

Whatever look your going for we can help you reach your maximum potential and the lowest prices!!  24 East Off-road 

Power and Performance

We can Assist in your need for speed.  Let us know what you wanted upgraded or tuned and we can help!!

New Facility

We have a brand new location with a clean enviroment for you and your vehicle to be repaired.

Towing and Roadside

We also own Dave's Towing Service so we can provide 24 hour roadside assistance to all of our customers. 910-546-3500